VM Audio Dual 12″ 4800 Watt Complete Car Stereo Subwoofer Bass Package Reviews

VM Audio Dual 12


Everything comes in good order and you'll love it



  • Heavy duty and easy to install
  • Great subs in a very clean stylish enclosure
  • Very clear at a wide range of frequencies
  • The overall package is good for someone who hasn't had superior system


  • small wires

VM Audio Dual 12″ 4800 Watt Complete Car Stereo Subwoofer Bass Package

VM Audio Dual 12” is a complete package of all the boom and bass you required. It gives you clean, tight bass response with 4800 watt Power RMS. This subwoofer has aviation grade carpeting which provides resilient, long-term, durable protection against ripping from the usage and transport. This 12 inches subwoofer is enclosed in CAD acoustic suspension dual subwoofer enclosure. It is made sturdy to ensure climate or vibration. This VM Audio Dual 12” subwoofer is easy to install ad has good vibrations. The bass of the subwoofer can be controlled by the transmitter knob.VM Audio Dual 12" 4800 Watt Complete Car Stereo Subwoofer Bass Package

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Dimensions: – 11.57” L * 9.65”W * 2.17”H

Specifications: –

• 12-inch competition subwoofers
• Feather light IMPP Mass Cone
• Sturdy, weather-resistant full rubber surrounds
• Aerodynamic, direct surface cooling system of voice coil
• Mono power subwoofer amplifier
• Class A/B amplifier design topology
• Noise reduction single star ground system
• Over-voltage and DC offset
• Self-Guard protection: Thermal, short-circuit
• Super high-density fiberwood enclosure panels
• Onboard multi-stage low noise signal processing

Key Features: – The main character of the VM Audio Dual 12″ are: –

• This system is a 12” competition subwoofer enclosed in a CAD acoustic suspension dual subwoofer enclosure.
• This amplifier reduces the noise coming with sound and enables you to hear the clear and pleasant sound.
• The low frequencies are treated with little distortion MOSFET output stages through which you can hear the soft rock songs and hip-hop songs in the same playlist without changing the settings.
• An excellent weather resistant butyl rubber surrounds the subwoofer which makes your subwoofers tolerance through climate and vibration.
• High-grade materials are used to ensure durability and longevity.
• You can install in right placement through 45-degree angle super strength mitre joint construction enclosure.
• This system includes large 2.5-inch precision-engineered voice coils that give you the desired power.
• Overheat, circuit shorts, over-voltage, or DC offset are protected by Self Guard Protection.
• You can control the bass from a remote knob.

Power and Quality: –

It includes onboard multi-stage low noise signal processing which reduces the noise coming along with the music. Weather resistant rubber protects the sub for tolerance through climate and environment. It includes Self Guard protection which protects the subwoofer from the thermal, short circuits, overheating and overvoltage. This system has aerodynamic, direct voice coil surface cooling which helps in cooling the system during the excursion.

Conclusion: –

This subwoofer is the best sub in this class which provides you with a stronger bass and a noise free music. This kit has everything you need and easy to understand installation directions. Heavy duty box and amplifier is plenty for regular listening pleasure that booms. This system has class A/B type topology. The sub provides you with a booming sound with 4800 watts RMS Power. Sub is surrounded but the full rubber to make it weather or vibration resistant. If you are looking for a design which has tolerance to climate and vibration and gives noise free music then, this is the one sub for you.

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