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MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer Enclosure Reviews and Best price

MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

MTX RT8PT 8 inches subwoofer provides you a clear sound quality. It has a maximum power handling capacity of 240 watts with which it can produce a good bass and mid clarity. This system can generate a frequency response of 35Hz to 250Hz through which you can enjoy a broad range of sounds. The subwoofer cone is made up of a polypropylene material which is surrounded by butyl rubber. This set provides durability to the system and makes way for high excursion. MTX Audio RT8PT subwoofer also includes 120-watt built-in amplifier which adds more to the sound and bass of the scheme.

MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

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Dimensions: – 21-1/4” L * 9-7/8” W * 9-7/8” H

Main Features: – The main features of the MTX Audio RT8PT are: –

• This subwoofer includes a single8 inches Road Thunder subwoofer and powered bass tube enclosure.
• It has a power handling RMS of 120 watts and peak power handling of 240 watts
• The woofer cone is constructed with polypropylene that offers durability and good extension for high excursion.
• This system includes a built-in amplifier mounted on the back of the enclosure.
• This system also includes a gain rotator knob which can be adjusted from 100mV to 6V.
• It can respond to a frequency of 35Hz to 250Hz.
• The enclosure is made vented to increase the output of the bass.
• It also includes high level and RCA inputs for through which it can be easily connected to any system set up.
• This system also includes an external bass control for convenient control of volume from the front of the vehicle.
• This system also includes aviation grade carpet which is durable and of neutral color for easy going with all interiors.

Power and Quality: –

The MTX RT8PT is 8 inches single amplified tube which can give a maximum output of 240 watts. This RT8PT is compact in size and can be easily fit in any space. The polypropylene woofer cone along with butyl rubber surrounding increases the reliability of the system. This system also includes a built-in amplifier, vented enclosure design, mounted straps and wired bass control. The subwoofer can provide you a bass range from 35Hz-250Hz. The design of the ring is made vented to increase bass output. The mounting straps help in quick and easy installation of the system in your car’s trunk. The low pass filter and gain controls allow you to adjust the sound according to you.

Conclusion: –

This 8” compact subwoofer goes best with the price and can be easily adjusted to the space of your car. The MTX RT8PT gives you a fantastic tight and punchy sound, and it is easy to install, and the connections are simple and secure. It is very compact and excellent for small vehicles. The carpet of the subwoofer is durable, and the neutral color quickly goes with the interiors of every vehicle. Moreover, the price of MTX RT8PT is not wrong and affordable. This subwoofer is compact but produces a hard hitting clean sounding bass

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