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Pyramid BNPS102 10″ 1000W Dual Car Subwoofers + Box + 1100W Mono Amp + Amp Kit Reviews and Best price

Pyramid BNPS102 10″ 1000W Dual Car Subwoofers + Box + 1100W Mono Amp + Amp Kit

This is a complete all-in-one package which consists of a 1000W double car subwoofer, an enclosure, 1100W Mono Amp and an amp kit The Pyramid BNPS102 10” dual car subwoofer is a sleek, compact subwoofer with bandpass enclosure. It can handle a maximum power of 1000W with an impedance of 4-ohms. The subwoofer includes built-in neon accent lighting, specially treated black rubber edge suspension and bandpass alignment which makes the other bass deep. The cone of the subwoofer is constructed with polypropylene material which makes the subwoofers durable. These subwoofers also contain four tuned ports. The subwoofers front window is made up of plexiglass.Pyramid BNPS102 10" 1000W Dual Car Subwoofers + Box + 1100W Mono Amp + Amp Kit

Dimensions: – 29”W * 14.2D” * 14”L

Main Features: -The main features of the Pyramid BNPS102 10” 1000W Dual Car Subwoofers + Box + 1100W Mono Amp + Amp Kit are: –

• The enclosure is double 10” 1000W Bandpass system with built-in Neon Accent Lighting.
• The maximum power handling of the subwoofer is 1000W.
• This system includes four tuned ports.
• It consists of two 10” subwoofers of 4-ohm impedance.
• The subwoofer cone is made up of Polypropylene material which makes it durable.
• This system also includes specially treated black rubber edge suspension.
• The enclosure is of Bandpass type for extra deep bass.
• This subwoofer includes a Plexiglass window.
• It responds to the frequency range of35Hz to 1K Hz.
• The amplifier included in this package is 1100W mono car audio amplifier.
• It has a maximum power handling of 1100W per channel with an impedance of 2 ohms and RMS Power of 250W per channel with the impedance of 4ohms.
• The amplifier constitutes of Class A/B Topology.
• The system also includes a remote knob for control bass and sound from the driver’s seat.
• This system includes a 3–way protection i.e. thermal protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protection.
• This system is CEA compliant therefore it gives all that it promises.

Final Words: –

This is high-quality car sound system constructed with 1000W subwoofer enclosure with two 0” subs in a custom bandpass. This design helps in making the bass adamant and gives the maximum output. The system includes real benefits for you such as it has a polypropylene cone surrounded by specially treated black rubber edge suspension which helps it in working well in harsh conditions. The system also includes high-temperature aluminium voice coil which helps in the extension of heat during high excursion. The Bandpass design of the enclosure with four tuned ports delivers profound and efficient bass. This system provides an excellent experience with strong bass and tight and bright sound. This system is cost effective also. The system can respond to the low frequency (35Hz) as well as high frequency(1K Hz). Its 3-way protection system enables it protection from thermal, overvoltage and short circuit. So if you are planning to buy a subwoofer with having strong bass and great sound quality also which fit well in your pocket, then this package is just perfect for you.

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