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KICKER 10TC104 10″ 500W TC104 Loaded Car Audio Subwoofer + Sub Box Enclosure Reviews

KICKER 10TC104 10″ 500W TC104 Loaded Car Audio Subwoofer + Sub Box Enclosure

Kicker 10TC104 10” 500W TC104 is a complete package which provides you with a great experience with car’s audio system. This system allows you an RMS Power handling of 150 watts and peak power handling of 300 watts with a 4-ohm impedance. It is a compact design so that you can easily fit it in the driver’s seat, backseat and in the trunk of your vehicle. This subwoofer offers a frequency range of 30Hz to 500Hz which clearly indicates that it can work with low-level frequencies as well as high-level frequencies. The Kicker 10TC104 is enclosed in a sturdy wooden enclosure and is covered with thick grey carpeting.

KICKER 10TC104 10" 500W TC104 Loaded Car Audio Subwoofer + Sub Box Enclosure

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Dimensions: – 22.8” * 16.8” * 8.8”

Main Features: – The main features of the Kicker 10TC104 10” 500W TC104 Loaded Car Audio Subwoofer + Sub Box Enclosure are: –

• This package includes a 10” subwoofer enclosed in a wooden enclosure and cover with thick grey carpeting and also includes monogrammed, carbon fibre front baffle.
• This system can handle an RMS Power of 150W and peak power of 300W with a 4-ohm impedance.
• This system provides you with an excellent sound quality with occupying less space in your vehicle.
• Recommended power range for the system is 75W to 150W.
• The cone of the subwoofer is made up of injection moulded Solomon and surrounded by polyfoam ribbon which increases the durability and controls its heat sink during high excursion.
• The enclosure of the subwoofer is double switched to enhance the strength.
• The subwoofer also includes tinsel leads woven into the spider with Kicker’s spiralled technology.
• The subwoofer includes a single high-temperature 4-ohm voice coil.

Power and Quality: –

Kicker 10TC104 is a 10” subwoofer which is accommodated in a wooden enclosure having a single port. Injected moulded Solomon cone and surrounded polyfoam ribbon increases the durability of the system and manage its heat sink during continuous working. It’s back braced cone design keeps the woofer stable during hard hits. It’s venting system helps in the cooling process of the internal parts during the continuous performance. Its enclosure’s 4-ohms impedance enables it to be compatible with a broad range of amplifiers. Its sleek design allows it to be easily adjusted behind or under the driver’ seat.

Conclusion: –

Kicker 10TC104 is a compact subwoofer which can occupy the out-of-the-way space of your vehicle. It provides you with an excellent sound experience within a quiet area. Its enclosure is designed for working for a long time and providing maximum output. The polymerised cone with double stitched ribbon enhances the durability of the subwoofer. Whereas it’s venting system helps it to keep cool during high excursion. The bass and the sound of the system can be controlled fro driver’s seat with the aid of a control knob. Its price also goes best with the features it provides. It is the solution for your requirements which go far beyond your expectations.

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