Rockville RV10.2A 1000w Dual 10″ Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Mono Amplifier + Amp Kit Reviews

Rockville RV10.2A 1000w Dual 10


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  • They are cheap.
  • The amp works great, and the cables and everything are good quality

Rockville RV10.2A 1000w Dual 10″ Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Mono Amplifier + Amp Kit

Rockville RV10.2A 1000w Dual 10” Car Subwoofer Enclosure is the best subwoofer present in the market. This system includes two Rockville subwoofers providing total 1000 watts peak power. It includes a top of the line ported enclosure which gives you a boom sound and a better bass. The vents are strategically placed on the bottom of the cabinet, and then the ring is placed at a 15-degree angle which makes the bass even harder. This package also includes a mono amplifier for loud bass. The subwoofers include in this package are of high quality and also have features like high power 1.5” aluminium 4-layer voice coils with bumped and vented magnet motor structures.Rockville RV10.2A 1000w Dual 10" Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Mono Amplifier + Amp Kit

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Dimensions: -25.3” L * 15.9” W * 13.8” H

Main Features: –

• Subwoofers and Enclosures: – The main features of the subwoofer and the enclosure are: –

 This system includes the Rockville RV 10.2A Dual 10” Bass Enclosure System with matching mono block amplifier for stronger bass.
 It has 1000 watts peak power and 350 watts RMS power.
 It responds to a frequency of 40 Hz to 500Hz.
 The system is CEA compliant which means that you will get 100% exact power.
 The enclosure owns Quasi Transmission line cabinet design and this assembly is bonded, stapled and braced with 3/5” MDF.
 The subs are surrounded by butyl rubber for tolerance through climate and vibration during high excursion.
 It also includes a four-layer, great power, aluminium voice coil that keep the system stable during high excursion.
 It also includes bumped and vented Magnet Motor Structure for a stronger bass.
 It includes mono, gold-plated push style, speaker terminals.

• Amplifiers: –

 The amplifier includes the maximum power handling of 1200 watts.
 It can produce the power of 200 watts at the impedance of 4-ohms.
 Amplifiers of this unit include dashboard bass remote control with cable.
 It responds to the frequency of 15 Hz to 20 KHz.
 It includes the fully adjustable Subsonic Filter which can filter the low-frequency sounds from 12 HZ to 50 Hz.
 The amplifiers of this unit include electronic IC control, thermal, speaker short, overload and Dc protection circuitry.

• Wiring Kit Features: –

 It includes 17” high grade twisted a pair of wiring kit with 100% copper RCA cables.
 It includes 17.8” gauge translucent blue super flex power cable, 3.8” gauge bright, super flex ground wire, 17’ 18” gauge blue remote wire, 7’ Spilt tube loom and 17’ 16” gauge speaker wire.
 It also includes 50 Amp ANL gold plated fuse which saves the system during high excursion.

Conclusion: –

This Rockville RV10.2A 1000W Dual 10″ car subwoofer is the best subwoofer in this range with CEA compliant which shows that the product provides you with the exact output it mentions. This system includes a complete set of subwoofer, enclosure, amplifiers and wiring kit. Therefore, you need to look for any other outer material for installation. You can enjoy the music with greater sound quality and stronger bass with the help of this complete set.

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