MTX TNE212D 12″ 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofers + Box + Planet 1500W Amp + Kit Reviews

MTX TNE212D 12


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MTX TNE212D 12″ 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofers + Box + Planet 1500W Amp + Kit

MTX TNE212D 12” is a complete package which includes MTX full car subwoofer system with Mono amplifier and complete amplifier installation kit. This unit is enclosed in 12 inches sealed enclosure which has a single terminal cup which is to be connected to the amplifier. The system includes two subwoofers each having to handle RMS power of 200 watts and the maximum power handling of 400 watts each. The enclosure is made up of MTX 5/8” board which gives strength to the unit. The subwoofers include spider venting, a mechanical cooling process which allows the subwoofer to continuously cooling down the air during regularly working.MTX TNE212D 12" 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofers + Box + Planet 1500W Amp + Kit

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Dimensions: – 32” * 16” * 16”

Main Features: – The main features of the MTX TNE212D 12” package are: –

 This complete package includes MTX full car subwoofer system with mono amplifier and complete amplifier installation kit.
 The RMS Power of the speakers is 400 watts, and its maximum power handling is 1200 watts.
 The Terminator subwoofers are made up of propylene dust caps which make them durable and survive for a longer time.
 It includes a wide butyl rubber which makes it extreme reliable.
 This complete package is light in weight which allows it to move efficiently using less power.
 The subwoofers are incorporated with Spider Plateau Venting which helps them in cooling process during high excursion.
 The5/8” MTX board is an active board and can manage very low-frequency sound waves generated by the subwoofers without any problem.
 This package includes a 1500 watts amplifier which that increases the output and makes the bass stronger.
 The amplifier installation kit makes the installation of amplifier much easier.

Power and quality: –

The excellent design of the system in which subwoofer is accommodated in a perfect enclosure delivers a strong bass. The ring is made up of polypropylene dust cap and 5/8” MTX board and surrounds with full butyl rubber which makes it more reliable. Its power handling capacity makes it the best package to deliver high output. The enclosure of the system has spider venting that helps it in cooling process during continuous working. The each subwoofer can handle power RMS 200 watts and 1200 watts maximum for the entire enclosure. Planet 1500 watt amplifier gives you the best output and enhances the sound quality of your music. Moreover, this package comes up with an amplifier installation kit that makes the installation easier.

Conclusion: –

This MTX TNE212D 12″ 1200W Dual Loaded Car subwoofers package is the best buy for the price and as a ready to hook upset. It is a complete package of the subwoofers along with enclosure which is the perfect match for the subs, a mono amplifier and an amplifier installation kit which makes the installation of the amplifier easier. This package is a compact and sleek design which can be easily fit under the seat. The speakers look and sound awesome, and make an excellent stereo rock. This package provides you with a great listening experience with the stronger bass and crisp and clear sound. This MTX setup is probably the best-packaged deal.

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