Why Did Your Car Speakers Stop Working?

People Listen to their Favorite Track and Enjoy the Music during their Travel. Most people feel joy when they listen to music while driving, while some people can concentrate more on driving while listening to music.

One of the most occurring problems that people face is that the speakers suddenly stop working while playing any audio. It is a very common problem and is very tricky to troubleshoot.

Speakers are the most important part of the sound system and people spend a large amount of money on them. People ask too many and different types of questions when it comes to malfunctioning of speakers. Some have the problem of less base, some complaints about the low volume, some say it creates buzzing sound, etc. But when the speakers stop, it is a real deal.

There are Major reasons why your Car Speakers should have stopped working,

  • Blown fuse
  • Damaged signals wire
  • One speaker working and the other is not
  • Car Speakers not placed properly
  • When speaker wires are pulled out
  • Improper connection of wires

Tools Required to Fix Car Speakers

To undergo the inspection process, you may need the following tools to operate:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Fuses
  • Multimeter
  • Screws
  • Drill machine
  • Work lights

Blown Fuse Problem

The Blown Fuse Problem occurs due to the High Voltage or Current, there are several Fuses to protect every accessory of the Speaker, Speakers are one of those places that can be damaged by a large quantity of current.

So, people install fuses in the speaker wire that is coming from the amplifier to save their speakers from getting damaged. In this way, the speakers get a limited amount of power that they require to operate properly. The Easiest way to solve the problem is to Locate the fuse in the speaker wire and check all the fuses if they are blown. Replace those fuses with the new and better ones so that they do not bother you again.

If the fuse is located outside the speaker box, then it will be easy for you to replace them. If the fuse is located inside the speaker box, then you will have to open the screws of the speaker with a screwdriver and take the speaker out to find the fuses. In this way, you can correct this error in the speakers.

Damaged signals wire

Damaged signal wires are the Important problem to detect in the case of speakers because when the speakers stop working, you may not know what the main problem in the system is.

The speaker wires may be doing some problem, the amp is doing some problem, the head unit is doing problem, or the signal wires may have been damaged.

Whenever you put the signal wires through your car, you must pass it from the sides of the inside of your car. You should never pass them from the footrests of your car.

Another important thing for the signal wires is that you must always install the wires properly, which is pushing the wires inside their port properly so that they must not be left loose.

One speaker working and the other is not

To check that the speaker is fine, but the wire is cut, you must go through some steps.

Get a screwdriver and open your speaker. If it is in the box, then open the screws of the speakers and get the speaker out. When your speaker is out, make sure that the speaker is completely disconnected from the amplifier.

When the speakers are placed very close to each other, so close that the magnetic field of one speaker tries to enter the magnetic field of the other speaker, they will not work as they should.

The speakers have a mechanism with the magnetic coil that creates a powerful movement of the diaphragm, which creates bass and loud sound.

But when the magnetic field is not free to process its power and is continuously opposing another field, it will not work with its full strength.

So, the speakers must be placed at least one foot away from each other to give each other their required space to operate.

Car Speakers not placed properly

Get a New Cardboard and Place the Speakers away from each other, This will prevent the Speakers to be near and giving Distortion sounds.

If you have installed your speakers in a sound box and your boxes are coming close to each other again and again, then mount those boxes away from each other. The best thing to do with them is to mount them away wherever you want but away from each other speaker.

When speaker wires are pulled out

Longer wires are beneficial for your sound setup because, with this feature, you can move your sound system easily. Suppose if you decide to place your speakers to another location and you are out of wire, then you must add a new wire or connect another wire with it which is not a healthy option.

Also, when your speaker wire is damaged from somewhere, and you cut the damaged part from that place to attach the remaining part again, but you are short on wire. You can face many difficulties if you do not keep a good length wire.

If your wire is long and it is pulling out because of the stuff in the trunk, then place the wires in such a way that is attached to the inner surface of the backseat and goes through the walls of your car.

Improper connection of wires

If your speakers are fine, your wires are fine, and your amplifier is fine, then you may have a problem with your connection of wires, The wires must have been damaged so the right power supply does not go to the Speaker or Amplifier.

Try to check your speakers by swapping the two input wires of the speakers either from the amplifier or the back of the speakers if you have pin connections in your speaker box. It works most of the time.

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