Buy Best Car SubWoofer under $500 – Reviews

Subwoofers are woofers or complete loudspeakers that generate low-pitched audio frequencies tones known as a bass to enhance the sound quality of the system. Car Subwoofers are for experience clear sound quality for better response of tighter and better surrounding bass. Car Subwoofers are mostly installed in the trunk or back seat space as these large enclosures are difficult to fit into the doors or dashboards.

Thus, we have created list about best buy subwoofers are under $500,

Best 5 inch subwoofer

Best 6 inch subwoofer

Best 8 inch subwoofer

Best 10 inch subwoofer

Best 12 inch subwoofer

Best 13 inch subwoofer

Best 15 inch subwoofer

Best 18 inch subwoofer

Our Recommended Products

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure

MTX Audio Terminator Series

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt Powered Loaded 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure

Rockford Fosgate P300-12

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm 12-Inch 600-Watt RMS 1200-Watt Peak Subwoofer-min

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12

Boss BASS1400 1400-Watt 10-Inch Low Profile Amplified Subwoofer

Boss BASS1400 1400-Watt

NEW KICKER 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8


Rockville RW10CA 10" 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer sub

Rockville RW10CA 10"

JBL GT-BassPro12 12-Inch (300mm) Car Audio Powered Subwoofer System

JBL GT-BassPro12

VM Audio Dual 12" 4800 Watt Complete Car Stereo Subwoofer Bass Package

VM Audio Dual 12"

Rockville RV10.2A 1000w Dual 10" Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Mono Amplifier + Amp Kit

Rockville RV10.2A

MTX TNE212D 12" 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofers + Box + Planet 1500W Amp + Kit

MTX TNE212D 12"

MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer Enclosure


Belva 1200 watt Complete Car Subwoofer Package includes Two (2) 12-inch Subwoofers in Ported Box Monoblock Amplifier Amp Wire Kit [BPKG212v2]

Belva 1200 watt

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

Rockford Fosgate PS-8 8inch 150W RMS Underseat Powered Car Stereo Audio Subwoofer-min

Rockford Fosgate PS-8

Alpine SBR-S8-4 8" Type-R Ported Sub Woofer Subwoofer Enclosure Preloaded Box

Alpine SBR-S8-4

KICKER 10TC104 10" 500W TC104 Loaded Car Audio Subwoofer + Sub Box Enclosure

KICKER 10TC104 10"

PLANET AUDIO AC10D 10 inch 3000W Subwoofers + Vented Box + 2 Channel Amp +Amp Kit-min


Pyramid BNPS102 10" 1000W Dual Car Subwoofers + Box + 1100W Mono Amp + Amp Kit

Pyramid BNPS102 10"

Belva 500 Watt RMS Complete Car Subwoofer Package including 10inch Subwoofer in Ported Box, Monoblock Amplifier, and Amp Wire Kit [BPKG110v2]-min (1)

Belva 500 Watt

Rockville RWS12CA Slim 1200 Watt 12" Amplified Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure

Rockville RWS12CA Slim

ASC Package Triple 12 inch Kicker Sub Box Sealed Rearfire Subwoofer Enclosure C12 Comp 900 Watts Peak-min

ASC Package Triple 12"

MTX TNE212D 12 inch 1200W Dual Loaded Subwoofer Box-min (1)

MTX TNE212D 12"

New BOSS AUDIO CX122 12 inch 1400W Car Power Subwoofer Sub + Mono Amplifier+ Amp Kit-min

New BOSS AUDIO CX122 12"

These car subwoofers allow you to enjoy the music while driving. They can cover the lower end range of frequencies that the smaller speakers can’t do. One of the necessities of the music is that to add a level of power and sound which the standard speakers can’t reproduce, but the subwoofer can do. While buying subwoofers for your car never go with the size. The best subwoofer is not always the biggest. Different size of the subwoofers responds differently to the various types of music. While choosing subwoofers for your car, you should keep a number of things in mind. The first thing is the level of the music you want to listen, and the second thing is the type of music you frequently hear. All of the top-rated subwoofers require amplifiers to provide power to the speakers and achieve better sound quality.

What kind of subwoofer should you get?

Subwoofers are designed to reproduce low-frequency tones. It does not depend upon the quality of music you listen, but the only thing it does is that it enhance your overall listening experience. Cars usually come with factory installed subwoofers but these subwoofers are small, and you need to upgrade them for better results. Before buying a subwoofer for your vehicle, you should go through different factors including your taste, budget, and space available. You can go with a subwoofer which fit in the space provided in your car, has interior blending with your vehicle and provides a great listening experience to you. You can personalise your subwoofer according to you and accommodate it into a natural enclosure combo.

Want to pick or choose some components to build a truly personalised system?

You can start with choosing some sub-components. These sub-components usually come in a size of 8” to 15” and can be mounted in a subwoofer box to operate properly. It needs to connect to the external amplifier. These sub-components can run at both on high power as well as on little power. Building your customised system is a cost effective one. You can choose from a variety of enclosure and amplifier separately. Car subwoofers are designed to fit in the out-of-the-way space of your vehicle.

Want an easy subwoofer enclosure combo?

Enclosed sub-components are pre-mounted to a box designed for accommodating them. The quality of the sound produced by the subwoofers depends upon the cabinet you choose. You can choose a subwoofer enclosure combo which is easy to use and can easily fit to into out-of-the-way space o your car. A completely sealed, the airtight enclosure has improved bass response and gives a good speaker performance; whereas an enclosure with an installed port, emphasize to a particular frequency. It also has improved reproduction of low bass frequencies and has little distortion.

Want a simple, space-saving bass system?

An amplifier and woofer combined in an enclosure to form a powdered sub. Since an amplifier connects to the subwoofer accommodated into an enclosure, it needs only a one piece of equipment to installing. Since usually subwoofers are a large one and can’t be fitted in the windows and trunk of the cars. Therefore, we use the powered subwoofers to fit in the remaining space of your vehicle and are also relatively simple. The powered subs are straightforward and compact and occupy a small space in your car. These powered subs are capable bass producers. Their small size and simple installation make them a great add-on stereo system for your vehicle.

Want colour matched vehicles subwoofer/ want a sub that will blend in with my car’s interior?

It will not look okay if your subwoofers do not go with the interior of your vehicle. You can choose a powered sub which easily blends with our car’s design. These powered subs are often designed to fit in an out-of-the-way location in your vehicle, and their colour can easily match the interior of your car. These powered subs provide best for your listening needs, occupy less space and easily blend with your vehicle’s interior.

What are the key specifications consider to buy subwoofer?

The best way to test speaker before buying is to listen to the sound it produces, but it is not possible in this age of online shopping. Before making a decision, you should consider about the type and specifications you want in your subwoofer. You should keep the following things in mind before buying a subwoofer.
Determine the kind of subwoofer you want: – Subwoofers come in various varieties of sizes ranging from 8” to 15”. These subwoofers are accommodated in an enclosure and connected to an external amplifier. Before buying a subwoofer, you have to decide that what kind of subwoofer you want.

Different types of subwoofers you can choose from: –

Component Subwoofers

Component Subwoofers comprises of speakers only. You can choose your enclosure type and make your specifications. These kinds of subwoofers are perfect for customized car stereo system

Enclosed Subwoofers
These subwoofers are pre-mounted to an enclosure. Only you have to do is to connect it to an external amplifier

Powered Subwoofer
These subwoofers include speakers and amp in an enclosure and fit for installing in small spaces.

Vehicle-specific subwoofers
Vehicle-specific subwoofers are designed to fit in the out-of-the-way space of your car such as doors.

Consider the available specifications options

You should also find what specs you want in your subwoofer. You can get the power, sensitivity, frequency range, enclosure type, the number of voice coils and impedance. Some of the specifications options are: –
• Power: – If you want a subwoofer that booms then search for the one which has high power. But make sure that its power handling capacity match to your amplifier’s power output.
• Sensitivity: – High is the sensitive nature of the subwoofers less power will it requires handling big sounds.
• Frequency Range: – Frequency range gives you an idea of subwoofers working. If you want a subwoofer that can handle low-frequency range, then you should go for high-frequency subwoofers.
• Enclosure type: – Select an enclosure that enhances the quality of the sound.
• Some voice coils: – Voice coils give the flexibility in writing the sound system. You can choose the number of voice calls in your subwoofer.
• Impedance: – It is very much important that the impedance matches your speaker’s system. It comes in various ranges from 2 ohms to 8 ohms, but most of the subwoofers use 4 ohms of impedance.
Choose the number of subwoofers you want for your car: – It is your choice to pick a number of subwoofers for your vehicle. If you enjoy listening hip-hop songs, bhangra beats, bass heavy music genres then you can select two woofers. Otherwise, one woofer is sufficient.

Search the internet for reviews: – You can search the internet for the reviews of different subwoofers. It will give you an idea about the various types of car subwoofers and their specifications. Select the one which goes with your kind and specifications. Once you have selected the model, go and shop around for the one with its best prize.

Speakers Size?

• 5-inch Subwoofer: – These subwoofers are the smallest subwoofers to be found. 5-inch subwoofers come with power handling RMS of 50 watts and maximum power handling of 100 watts with a frequency range of 50-100 hertz with a mounting depth of 2.17 inches.
• 6 –inch Subwoofer: – 6-inch subwoofers are small subwoofers with a power handling RMS of 150 watts and maximum power handling of 300 watts and frequency ranging from 60-120 watts.
• 6.5-inch Subwoofer: – These are small dual voice coils subwoofers with 4-ohm impedance and power handling RMS of 150 watts with maximum power handling of 600 watts.
• 8-inch Subwoofer: -8-inch subwoofers are selected series of subwoofers in black steel baskets. It has dual voice coils and has a 4-ohm impedance with power handling RMS of 200 watts and maximum power handling of 600 watts.
• 10-inch Subwoofer: – The 10-inch subwoofers have 10 ohms impedance with a power handling RMS of 150 watts and a peak of 600 watts. These speakers work with tight dual ventilated enclosure and best for those who listen to a lot of rock, country, and metal.
• 12-inch Subwoofer: -This is the most common subwoofer used and is a great mix of accuracy and loudness. It provides a power RMS of 280 watts and maximum power handling of 800 watts. It allows you to enjoy a punchy and boom sound.
• 13-inch Subwoofer: – This compact subwoofer has 4-ohm resistance and electricity RMS of 600 watts.
• 13.5-inch Subwoofer: -13.5-inch subwoofer has six patented technology and has an entirely unique set of parts. It has dual voice coils and impedance of 4 ohms with power RMS of 600 watts.
• 15-inch Subwoofer: -The 15-inch subwoofers dual voice coils 2-ohm impedance and maximum power RMS of 2000 watts. These are large subwoofers which produce low frequencies.
• 18-inch Subwoofer: -These are the largest subwoofers and have 2-ohm impedance. It has a power RMS of 1200 watts.

Subwoofer Voice Coil

Voice coil of a subwoofer is the coil wrapped around a cylinder. This voice coil receives current from the amplifier and produces a magnetic field with the help of magnet attached to it. This magnet is further connected to the speaker cone and causes the pressure difference in the air which ultimately produces sound.

Single Voice Coil

A single voice coil of a subwoofer is a single coil wrapped around the cylinder. This voice coil has two terminals, i.e., one positive and one negative. The single voice coil can be wired to the specified ohm level and can’t wire on the other ohm levels. A 4-ohm voice coil can write only on 4 ohms. It is important that the ohm level must match with the amplifier used. Hence we can say that the single voice coil (SVC) has only one writing option

Double voice coil

Double voice coil of a subwoofer is two voice coils wrapped around the cylinder. Dual voice coils have two terminals, i.e., two positive and two negative terminals. The dual voice coil is not ohm particular; it can write on the other ohm levels as well. For example, a 4-ohm dual voice coil can write on the 2 ohms as well as 8 ohms. Hence we can say that the double voice coil (DVC) has two options. Dual voice coils are more flexible and allow you to achieve desired impedance

Quad Voice Coil

Quad voice coil has four coils wrapped around the cylinder. It has four positive terminals and four negative terminals. We can make it by bridging two dual voice coils to an amplifier. The coils in drivers do not move independently. The quad voice coils are more flexible than double voice coils and can drop the impedance of the subwoofers hence increasing the power output of the amplifier.

Subwoofer RMS Power

RMS power (root mean square) of a subwoofer means the power of a subwoofer that it can handle continuously without suffering any damage. It measures the strength of an amplifier that it can put out i.e. the overall performance of your product.

Less than 250 watts

Factory radio uses subwoofers of RMS power less than 250 watts.

250-499 watts

This range of RMS power subwoofers provides the highest sound quality to any style full range speaker. This range of RMS power subwoofers are compact in design and have 4-ohm impedance. This range of amplifiers is bridgeable and can form quad voice coils. These amplifiers have an efficiency of A/B class topology

500-749 watts

This range of speakers is design to work with the bridging of subwoofers and is capable of delivering up to 1500 watts of peak power in a small package. These amplifiers have a high-class efficiency of D-type topology. This range of speakers can produce 500-749 watts RMS power at 2 ohms.

750-999 watts

This range of speakers are designed to provide maximum power to the system whether the subwoofers are of full range or not. It can produce 750-999 watts RMS power at 2 ohms.

1000-1999 watts

This range of amplifiers has high-efficiency class D topology to ensure excellent thermal management under harsh conditions. It can deliver 1000-1999 watts RMS power at 2 ohms.

2000-2999 watts

This range of amplifiers has high-efficiency class D topology to give high-speed MOSFET power supply and studio-grade bipolar output stage transistors. It can deliver 2000-2999 watts RMS power at 2 ohms.

3000-4000 watts

This range of amplifiers is monoblock class D subwoofers which can provide 3000-4000 watts RMS power at 2 ohms.

More than 4000 watts

This range of amplifiers is Bridgeable car audio stereo amplifier and can deliver RMS power of more than 4000 watts. It provides maximum output.


Enclosures provide stronger bass sound to the vehicle’s audio system. The size of the subwoofer refers to the driver size that helps in creating the deep bass by moving a lot of air around them.

Sealed Enclosure

In the Sealed enclosure is a small classic box design in which the air traps in the volume in the cabinet the subwoofer enclosed. This trapped air acts like a spring that’s why sealed enclosure is also known as air-suspension. The sealed enclosure is simple to build ad have good low-frequency extension and control. The subwoofer pulls the air with it and hence decreases the air pressure inside the box. The air present inside the box wants to equalize the barometric pressure and acts as a controlling force over the motion of the speaker. This relationship between the parameters works for the performance of the sealed subwoofer system. Larger is the enclosure; flatter will be the overall response. The sealed enclosure requires more power and hence uses an amplifier with significant strength for optimum performance. An amplifier with high strength needs for optimum performance, and it is done by a sealed enclosure having more power.

Vented Enclosure

The vented enclosure can deliver louder, boomy bass than sealed enclosures. It consists of a box and has a small hole in it. This hole deflects sound from the back of the cone and adds it to the sound coming from the front. It increases the bass output loudness. This enclosure reduces the distortion and cone excursion. The vented enclosures are best for using in rock, heavy metal, or any hard-driving music

Bandpass Enclosure

The bandpass enclosure has a unique type of sealed box which provides maximum slam. In this type, the subwoofer is mounted inside a dual-chambered box having a hole in front of the subwoofer from where the sound is emerging. The bandpass enclosures are super-efficient in that range and tend to boom maximum.

Subwoofer Installation Guide and required tools

The subwoofers that come with the market demand to fit in your vehicle. You need some basic tools to connect the subwoofer to your car. These are: –
• Subwoofer box
• Subwoofer speaker
• Amplifier
• Wiring kit
• 10 Gauge or thicker, 20 foot insulated wire for power
• 10 Gauge or thicker, 3 foot insulated wire for ground
• 18 or 16 Gauge, 145-foot wire
• RCA cables, 15 feet or longer (both red and white)
• In-line fuse, 50 amps or higher
• Some speaker wire
• Four small wood screws
• Basic tools like screwdrivers, utility knife, soldering iron, wire cutters, etc.

Subwoofers usually comes within two types

Active subwoofers

Passive Subwoofers

Passive subwoofer installation

Subwoofers are the specialized speakers that produce deep and strong bass. These subwoofers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The passive subwoofers lack built-in amplifier and hence needs an external one. A separate installation box is also required to install the passive subwoofer to your car which helps to operate properly. The most fundamental component for connecting the subwoofer to your vehicle is a snap. This first you need to do is mounting the subwoofer to an appropriate enclosure by connecting the leads of the subwoofer to the last cup of the subwoofer. You can install the subwoofer with the help of screws. Then run the wires to the nearby amplifier. Choose the wiring of the sub according to your choice. You can wire the sub-parallel to get maximum output or a higher impedance series for multiple subwoofers set up. The next step you need to do is to connect the wires of this enclosure to your car to enjoy the music.

Active or Powered subwoofer installation

Active or powered subwoofers are the one which comes with a built-in amplifier and are enclosed in a suitable vehicle. Powered subwoofers don’t need to hook up speaker wires. You only need to install a patch cord and enjoy. These subwoofers are handy and portable and do not require more space in your vehicle. For installing these subwoofers, you only need to connect the preloaded enclosure to your car


The subwoofers are the type of speakers which are added to your vehicle to enjoy the music while driving. These subwoofers provide strong bass and quality sound to your vehicle. You can choose a subwoofer according to your liking. There are some types of the subwoofers in the market which are compact and can be easily installed. You can also make your type of subwoofer to enjoy the music. You can select subwoofer, an amplifier and an enclosure system that perfectly goes with the subwoofer to make a Passive Subwoofer or you can go with the Active Subwoofer which is pre-mounted and are easy to install; the choice is yours. Just connect the subwoofer and enjoy the ride with music.

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